Welcome to my eCourse Website for Bite-sized Online Learning!

Bite-sized online learning eCourse’s that are designed to help people be more effective in their personal and professional lives.

This is a PRODUCTIVE learning community for those who are serious about their personal and professional GROWTH!

How the eCourses work

 Your device, your pace, your schedule. You will be able to watch the lesson videos and do the assignments on your own schedule at your own pace. No matter how busy or unpredictable your schedule is, you can do this!

You’ll be happy to know that the videos are insightful, relate-able, powerful, entertaining, easy to watch, and broken into short segments to making watching easy on your schedule. They are packed full of ideas and new ways to think.

Connecting, Synergy, and Community Support

You’ll be invited to join a private online community where you can get to know other people taking the class, have great discussions, and even post photos or inspiring quotes. Sharing, supporting and encouraging each other…it’s all good!

You’ll also be encouraged to share comments, questions, and ideas right in the online classroom pages. It’s one more fun way to connect.

Throughout each session, Travis will host weekly live chats, where you can join in the conversation, ask questions, make friends, and learn from others who are in the class.

Each week, for the duration of each course, a new lesson will be presented on the class website (you’ll have a special login which will be sent to you just prior to the first day of class).

IMPORTANT! Just because the lessons are released weekly doesn’t mean you only have a week to complete them. You will have access to the classroom for as long as you desire from the time you sign up, so you will be able to do the lessons on YOUR schedule, whatever works for you in your busy life.

Note: If you join the class late (which is perfectly okay) the lessons will still become available to you weekly, based on the day that you register.

Each lesson will include several short, meaningful video presentations and catalyst assignment’s for you to work on, along with PDF worksheets to download with journal prompts, resources, etc., to help you along the way.